Leppotone Electrical Recordings

This is our temporary headquarters. Please pardon our dust.

What’s A Leppotone?

Spiking the punch and punching the clock for over 20 years, Leppotone releases recordings and hosts all sorts of bacchanlia.

Leppotone, born Leppotone Electrical Recordings, is Kalamazoo’s oldest record label. Although frequently on hiatus for various reasons, Leppotone continues to make and do interesting things on a schedule known only to the Colonel, himself.


Let’s list some accomplishments here.

Available Now

We still have New Real People and Leppotone merchandise. Will provide link to products and store later.

Out of Print

It would be nice to have a remember when catalog of all the things we made.


There sure were a lot of bands in Kalamazoo at that time.

Don’t forget your history!


What happened to the old site?

It was maintained by a single human volunteer. Eventually this volunteer burned out on security patches, PHP version issues and unfulfilled feature requests. A static HTML archive of the old site was made in November 2014.

We are currently looking for a place to host the two gigabytes of words found in our old Leppotone Family Forum.

When we find a home for the archive, we will provide a link here.


Austerity measures have forced the closure of our good old post office box 61. All correspondence should now be sent to nathan@leppotone.com.